Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Limited Time Offer

So, I'm drunk again this evening. But never too inebriated (shit, I spelt that rite on the furst try) to post another Capri Pant Rant.

This is actually a challenge: If anyone out there can give me one good reason why Capri Pants need exist, I will send you this pair of opossum-colored CPs for FIFTY PERCENT OFF their original retail value (Note: those spiffy cuffs are 100% Road Kill Possum Fur.)


Anonymous Knotted Knickers said...

Challenge you?!? Heck, no, dude - I applaud you! I hatehateHATE capri pants, too, and it pleases me mightily that there is now a web space for us hatas to unite.

I even linked to you on my blog last month. I only have about six readers, though, so it probably didn't bring you much traffic. But I know web traffic isn't why you started this site - you just want to make the world a better, prettier, capri-pants-free place.

12:53 PM  

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