Thursday, September 22, 2005


...from a snicker to a snort to a guffaw.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


We are kindred spirits. With the exception of the genocide in Darfar and the scourge of AIDS, there is nothing worse that a woman in capri pants. While I typically think blog entries are indicative of a useless existence with WAY TOO MUCH time on ones' hands, I find your blogspot an asset to the world and I hope that every woman who considers the purchase of "sucklots" think again. You have done a great service for your country, and I salute you, sir.

Your friend forever,

Mr. Grey

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Capri pants suck. They look stupid and I am tired of being assulted by this trend. Everytime a see an otherwise nice looking woman (or man) with capri pants and the ugliest shoes they own, I want to slap them. Why bad pants and ugly shoes go together is beyond me. The mentality of the capri wearer is also below retarded. Usually, capri wearers are mindless yuppie clones. Wake up! This is not fashion. This is the fashion industry getting you to pay full price for half a pair of pants that would fit a 5 year old. Dorks!....everyone of them!
-krounded in Chicago.

7:32 PM  
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