Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pink Flamingos. The Pants.

The temp outside this afternoon here in NYC is approaching 80. I just got back from lunch and saw plenty of otherwise attractive women wearing disgusting capri pants. But none as disgusting as this pair. These pants are even more disgusting than the movie.


Blogger ko said...

these remind me of JAMS.
They are so bad they could flip over to the good...BUT first I'd cut them so they were short like all my shorts, then I'd ONLY wear them with a bikini top ON THE BEACH, IN THE SUMMER whilst pounding beverages of the alcoholic variety.

oh and ps: you are my new favorite...not so much this site as copyranter, but for serio I am crushing in an embarrassing way...i lick you, i really lick you- and i delicious you are. Thanks

9:54 PM  

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